A Message from the Executive Director

John Beheler

Hau, Mitakuyapi – A traditional greeting from our Dakota people here in South Dakota. Welcome to our website and please plan to view our video "Preserving Dakota Pathways" to learn more about our history, mission and student scholarship program.  


You can help us build a foundation for the future!  With your help we can provide more scholarships and support for preserving our traditional language and culture.  Join us on the Sacred Horse Ride to honor the Dakota women who were tortured, beaten and forced to walk the Dakota Trail of Tears.ian_Founda_KA4F8J/Sacred Horse Ride Image.pdf
Pilamaya (Thank you) for your continued support and plan to visit us on Facebook as well.  


Dakota Indian Foundation is an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. The Foundation provides funding for social enhancement and cultural preservation of Dakota culture, customs and language.


The Foundation opened the Dakota Plains Gallery and Gift store to support Dakota and Lakota artisans throughout South Dakota. In addition to purchasing artwork, the Gallery serves as an outlet for artisans to “tell their story” through their art.


Each semester, more than 100 Dakota and Lakota students receive a scholarship to support their collegiate studies.       

Grants                      Grants are provided to support community efforts that enhance cultural lifeways and promote understanding of Native American customs and ceremonies.